Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Ill health of India by physically and mentally only for others reason.

Ill health of India by physically and mentally only for others reason.
There several non Indian herbal and non herbal element and product making Indian people physically and mentally disabled. Maximum mineral also doing like that works to Indian badly. It is fight to knowledge, intelligence, personality, intellectuality, physical efficiency etc. and there are several Indian spices which also makes disabling works on Indian human due to cause of the oldest profession of the globe. India will be highest power in the world in future with condition of removing the use of those mineral and herbal and non herbal element and product. Then India will get top most educational institute within the Universe.

Ginseng, wet chilly, “Jira”, ginger and there are several mineral which are uses for disabling to human. The uses of these are increasing and that’s why India is in non-develop country and have to develop as super develop country by increasing to knowledge, intelligence, personality, intellectuality, physically etc as early as possible. May be our top most administrators are hunt of those problems due to use of food, medicine, water, garments etc. for without checking. There are several Indian products which are also uses for disabling works like tea due to during there processing system in locally. So, if we need to be safe, cure and healthy by mind and physic we have to care  seriously to make India super develop country in all aspect of life. And it is possible. So, it is needed to find out the anicient knowledge of knowledge, intelegence, personality, intellectuality, physical efficiency etc. from south Indian and north Indian text.  

Friday, February 28, 2014

Public Care Eligibility Test (P.C.E.T) for the future Parliamentary Members.

Will it be impractical or daydream to have criteria or test system for future Parliamentary Member? Like any test or examination systems are exist in every major important Govt. Service like, Civil Service, Joint Entrance System in Major important Management and other technical education. So, why not for them who will participate in debates, questioning, and support or oppose a needed to pass an important bill in parliament of the nation.

The country advancing towards the future where will need less politics than real development in every sphere of public life who included from a child to a senior citizen. The future public life attached to socialism friendly, liberality mindset, economical independence, environment friendly, confident and secure lifestyle, respect to each other of every inhabitant of the nation and faithfulness. The each and every inhabitant of the nation does not want to see an unproductive, time consumable debate, comments and behavior and unfaithfulness activities.

If an academically educated parliamentary member shows inefficiency to the inhabitants of the nation and the member’s constituency, then the this 2014 general election going to be flop for any expected development. Every elector of any constituency will need to see the test analysis report display in every local newspaper and cable network that the candidates who stand for any nationalized or any other political party have the eligibility to serve or care to the nation of public in India.

Do the candidates have a sense of public demand? Do the candidates have an experience of political life with any recognized party for a particular period of time? Does the candidate have any single or more consistent earning source? There are so many asking to the future candidate can be done after taking a vast survey from the electors by any N.G.O. or non-N.G.O. through a liberal premier social science institute. 

Monday, February 24, 2014

Mother-Land-Human(man & Woman) was Political surprising slogan became damage due to abuse

Recently it has to get seen that two so called honest persons meet together to talk and for a particular vision. One of them of honest persons is most popular for ‘Lokpal’ Bill movement and other important honest person is from another separate movement (Mother – Land- Human [man & woman]) from the gateway of the eastern Indian state. Their objective is surprisingly combination of political and non- political is to achieve a higher level status to serve the nation. Well, every politician dreamed to become that status anyway these days. The next honest person already in a position of supreme level of a state of gateway of eastern India.

The movement of Mother – Land – human slogan was created by the supremo of the young aged party which was derived from a largest and oldest movement of the nation. The leader was also a part and attached to the old one movement for a long time. The leader is known as an honest, simple and always ready to do the work. These signs are not enough to do serve the nation or state. The surrounding people and environment have to be same or nearest of those signs and symbol of the supremo otherwise the result is on hand in the state. The sub-ordinate the leader repeating various body language, oral language and other activities which are maximum of said to be ill manner, ill mind and unsocial. The year is 2014 and the elector of state, non elector and teenage group who have regularly observed the happening event, speech and behavior of the state level political and non political through the visual media, audio media and also from printed media. Every individual can understand well can take decision good for which step has to take next. So no one wants to be dominated by the those kind sub-ordinate leader or minister of state like shoe cleaner, because every inhabitant of the state dreamed a well organized, gentle, self controlled, self dependent, respected governance to the creator of the movement (Mother – Land- Human [man & woman]).
If there are practical development happened then not need to advertise because not only elector but also every corner of the state can fill and can see those very well. All kinds of material infrastructure development is not all and finished the task. Human development is one of most necessary which is not enough by providing economical support, but also need low education and training of hands on of technical and non technical branch. Which are very lacks to see, and have not enough ventures. Need all kind human development for present young to older unemployment people and need to prepare for future group of teenage who are in education.  

Mothers are not safe enough from all aspects in every field of life in the state. There is a huge number of women abused case which are mainly rape, harass by physically and mentally, telephone stalking, which are happening every day few may recorded and the maximum is not recorded  due to social phobia. A mother who included with the age group from infant child to grandmother should right social security, peace, respect from all aspects and every person. But these will be possible whenever society will be free from ill mouth (which speak country slang to non Bengali and English slang every place at street, shop corner, road rock and even offices also), ill eye (which watches Pornographic through using DVD, CD, Internet, Mobile, printed format and these are more available than any most urgent commodity in the market). Internal securities have to be strongest with combination of various organizations using the latest technology by adopting and importing. The state security system should have protection procedure to protect every age group of mothers who stalked by ill mind known or unknown individual through land telephone, mobile phone and at home or outside home.
Land need to be use of positive work and productivity with a proper plan and vision. There has to use biological fertilizer element to increase crop production. Forestation needs to be increase faster way to plan and target. Well planned infrastructure using state own land and acquisition land.

So that every ones hand will be strong to produce the best work and result by doing work and pushing key buttons.